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A K Ayurvedic Clinic

AK Ayurveda Clinic, started at Denkanikottai, Krishnagiri District, Tamilnadu is a dream project of AK group of companies. Our initial Ayurvedic venture was started in 2011, including all Ayurvedic Panchakarma procedures. Since then up-to now, we have three successfully running branches in Hosur,Denkanikottai & Krishnagiri- Tamilnadu, for the better promotion of Ayurvedic nature friendly healing.

Denkanikottai, known for lots of historical monuments, is a calm geographical area with attractive climate. It is considered as a hub for the tourists heading to the beautiful land named, Hogenakkal in Karnataka. The atmosphere and ambience of this place, along with people's interest in natural measures of health management made us to open our Ayurvedic venture. Advising healthy lifestyle along with nature friendly treatment measures is our method of approaching an individual.

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The whole project is lead by Dr. Andrew Jacob, senior consultant and director of AK Ayurvedic clinic. Our doctor completed, Ayurveda Acharya course ( Bachelor of Ayurveda medicine and Surgery) from Sri Sankara Ayurveda medical College, Trichy. He has undergone the training period under many renouned Ayurveda professionals. After attaining well versed knowledge and treatment skills he started AK Ayurvedic clinic. He also has undergone special marma courses ( Marmas are the vital points in the body, which are manipulated manually for healing in various ailments of the body). Our director has an experience of treating more than two lakhs patients with high success rates.He has cured lot of cases through Ayurvedic measures, which were suggested for compulsory surgery by other parallel medical sciences. Our team of doctors and other professionals are completely dedicated to serve our visitors. Awareness programs are conducted by our clinic regarding the importance of a healthy lifestyle. Paralysis, Spondylitis and Infertility clinics run by our centre proved in helping our visitors who were hopeless before approaching us. Diet management, lifestyle management, medications and Panchakarma procedures are administerd to the patients for leading them to a complete nature friendly healing. Our prime aim is to help the people by spreading the message of health management and disease management through Ayurvedic measures.